The Sense of an Ending
Pop Up Show - Just for one week


Opening Exhibition: Friday 3rd of November at 8p.m.

Duration: 03.11.17 - 18.11.17

        The show The Sense of an Ending echoes the coexistence of eleven young photographers who attended the photography seminars run by artist Nikos Markou. The outcome of this experience is now presented in CAN gallery just for a week as the first POP UP show of this season. Participating artists include: Dimitra Athanasiou, Anargyros Drolapas, Korina Gialidou, Leonidas Kalpaxides, Christos Kapatos, Kostas Kapsianis, Kleopatra Kourlampa, Petros Makris, Ioannis Markakis, Dimitris Mylonas, Stefania Orfanidou Curated by: Nikos Markou, Kostas Kapsianis and Anargyros Drolapas.

       "The Sense of an Ending"* as a title can be related with time, with the feeling of an imminent ending, but also with the eternal struggle of a person to reconcile with everything that has happened in his life in the past. It can also be considered as a man’s effort to clear up and organise his memory and its consequences in the present, the way he experiences today. It relates, actually, with man’s attempt to come to terms with his own self. In literature, as well as in photography, the fullness of time is often undefined. The "indefinable time" of a narration sometimes aims at fiction, some other times to a dubious documentation and occasionally in the catharsis of an individual through the presentation of a personal story.

       The current show consists of images captured within a broader time frame just before the end, as it is experienced by each artist. It presents a narration reaching its completion, a personal work that either ends with a sense of relief or constitutes nothing but the fuel sparking an eternal flame that will keep on burning the day after.

       The ever so alluringly expressed argument of the homonymous book, is that time in its "pure" state is disorganised and that all our lies are nothing but the efforts to overcome this disorganisation by imposing upon time a well designed structure with a beginning and an end. Our plans, either real or fictional, exist and we are led to believe in them as a way of humanising time.

Anargyros Drolapas

(*) Refers to the title of the book of Julian Barnes (2011).